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Travelling to Nigeria

Have you been to Nigeria?
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I don't know much. I went there for buiness but there is a lot of pollution and 60% live under the poverty line.
Nigeria, as far as im concerned, has transformed a lot compared to the past before President Goodluck Jonathan.

I think his kind of administration has never been seen experienced over the years. In my opinion, I say he is sent by God to rescue that country of Nigeria.

For example, I have felt I did not belong anymore from the country originally, but Goodluck Jonathan became a light suddenly that made me feel homely again.

Like the work of transformation in the south-south region through Governor Akpabio of Akwa Ibom state alone is enough to convince anybody. This very administration is amazing.

I traveled to Nigeria and got down in the international airport in Lagos and off with local flight to my state without getting to delay extra weeks spending in the hotel as was the case previously.

Our children enjoyed the train travel within as if they are also abroad. I say this is the type of Government we need today, nothing else.

In fact, I want to add that with all this transformation activities in education, health centres, roads infrastructures, transportation, fighting corruption though with difficult challenges carried out in the country in a short time, if Goodluck is given another one time, Nigerians will regain their real life completely.

"Rome was not built in a day". Goodluck needs time. He is not a violet man.

I am born there and it is an awesome country. It has a lot of amazing animals and the place is just cool!
Nigeria is on of the best places to live in Africa. Nigeria has the largest population in the whole of Africa.

I went in Nigeria in 1999 with my friend. We first went to Abuja and everyone we saw was very nice.


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