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Travelling to Malaysia

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I was born in Malaysia. I know everything about Malaysia. Malaysia is a busy place. The weather is sometimes hot and sometimes it rains. There have 4 main religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam.
I was in Malaysia last month in August for the summer break with my sister.

It was a great place,something that I could not express any further as the people were so lovely and harmony.

The food was great! It was delicious, especially the nasi lemak (a must try!) and the kuih dodol. And if you were to hit Malacca, do try their cendol at Jonker 88. It's a must as it was superb yummy and the laksa which is also mouth watering!

Well, after all the spicy food, I have to admit that the weather in Malaysia is humid, though it rains and at times there is a long heat (good for summers).

One thing in Malaysia is when they know you're a tourist, they would be very friendly, but at times they could get cheeky! My advise, never travel alone at night down the lonely streets, as we can see many young boys who race their bikes with weird stunts and being so rowdy and scary!

Overall, the expenses to travel or have a holiday in Malaysia is totally affordable because things were so cheap especially the food. For instance, you could get a nasi lemak with chicken for RM$3.50.

It was a short trip, lucky me, I had a friend in Malaysia, so he was the one who handled our transport to the destinations that we wanted to go to.


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