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Travelling to Egypt

Have you been to Egypt?
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Well it was very hot there.
I loved when I saw the Pyramids of Giza. They were huge. And the Sphinx too.
Depends on where you are going. You could go to north of Egypt at Aswan or Luxour.
Well, Egypt was a very good place, except with the British taking control of the whole place. I also saw Mount Rushmore in Egypt. The real thing! Apparently, the U.S. took over the world.
Egypt is a country that is most definately worth travelling to, full of history - there is nothing more amazing than standing in the temples, all the art, and knowing that it has stood there for thousands of years. Just blows your mind!

But the highlight of my 17 days, and it still gives me goose bumps thinking about it, was sitting on top of Mt Sinai watching the sunrise.

We began our climb up Mt Sinai in the middle of the night, about 1am I think it was, a very surreal experience in itself. We were only able to see as far as a torch reached, it was pitch black otherwise.

There were lots of people making the climb, and you also had the option to ride camels or donkeys too (for a fee of course!) It took about three hours to climb all the way to the top, some of the climb fairly easy, some thrilling and frightening all at the same time being so dark and steep and not knowing if you were on the edge of a cliff or not! You were definately puffing hard when you got to the top!

When we finally reached the top we all bunkered down in our sleeping bags etc and eagerly awaited the sun to rise. And rise she did! It was the most spectacular thing I have seen, actually brought tears to my eyes.

The sun was beauitful, and the dessert that was unveiled was just so massive and barren and beautiful. We were so high up and you just had no idea! Sitting bathing in the warmth of the sun I really felt that anything was possible.

Walking back down was amazing too! We stopped at the site where Moses received the 10 commandments. While I'm not overly religious the meaning of where I stood wasn't lost on me.

Seeing the long-drop-loo that we all queued for in the dark in the light of day - well it hung over a cliff and didn't look very stable at all. I know I would have made myself hang on if I had been able to see it when I needed it before the sun came up!

The walk down was a very different experience to the walk up. Instead of being surrounded by darkness, you could now see right across the desert to the horizon. There weren't really any cliffs like you imagined in your head. It was spectacular.

It was the most amazing experience. We were elated but knackered by the time we were back in our motel in Dahab. But we had a bottle of bubble to celebrate our achievement and talk about our amazing time.


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